Kirkland Gutter Cleaning

Inside | Outside | Elbows | Downspouts

Let The Home Team deal with the nasty weather and ladder climbing business to restore your gutters and downspouts to full working order. Full gutters can cause damage to your home and lead to costly repairs. It is important to make sure your gutters are clean and clear before the rains and freezing temperatures roll in.

Our gutter services include:

  • Inside hand cleaning

  • Outside hand cleaning

  • Minor repair

  • Gutter cover system installation

Most gutters can be safely cleaned by hand, but occasionally obstructions make hand cleaning unsafe. In these rare cases we will need to suggest cleaning them from the roof using a pressure washer.



“They came as scheduled, left the area completely clean of debris, and took care of the gutters without any inconvenience to me at all.”

- J.E. Kirkland, WA