Normandy Park Pressure Washing

Siding | Driveways | Walkways | Curbing | Cement | Brick

Green siding? Mossy deck? Dirty driveway? Save your Saturday and headaches - let The Home Team do it for you. We have the commercial grade pressure washing equipment and expertise to get your surfaces clean again. We are your local pressure washing experts since 1996.

Our machines are specially calibrated to provide a low pressure (PSI) high volume clean that is safe and gentle enough for most surfaces. This enables us to do more work, in less time. The results will amaze you.

We pressure wash most surfaces including:

  • Driveways, walkways, and patios

  • All types of siding

    • Vinyl, Wood, Brick, Cement, etc.

  • Fences and decks

  • Cement, brick and pavers

  • Sports courts



“He did a wonderful job removing the mildew on the house walls/eves/roof and gutter cleaning. Proud how my house looks like now. Thank you Home Team!”

- M.M. Normandy Park, WA