Snoqualmie Window Cleaning

Inside | Outside | Tracks | Screens | Skylights

We have the right equipment and experience to really make your windows shine. We clean all glass: inside windows, outside windows, and skylights. Ask about adding tracks and screens.

Many companies use extendable poles with fancy contraptions on the end to clean your windows. With our years of experience, we find that hand cleaning these windows from a ladder is the best way to make your windows truly sparkle. While slightly slower, hand cleaning leaves no residue, streaks, or smears that make you question the cleanliness of the window.

Our window cleaning services include:

  • Interior windows

  • Exterior windows

  • Deck glass

  • Sun-rooms

  • Skylights

  • Tracks in and out

  • Screens



If you are looking for someone to clean your windows, it does not get any better than having The Home Team do the work.

- J.P. Auburn, WA