Yarrow Point Roof Cleaning

Moss Removal & Treatment | Composition | Shake | Tile

Unchecked roof moss can cause lasting damage to your roof. Yearly roof maintenance is a vital part of home upkeep, prolonging the life of your roof, and reducing the need for costly repairs. Your local roof cleaning specialists since 1996; we have cleaned thousands of roofs over the years and have a long serving loyal crew.

We offer several cleaning options based upon a variety of factors that can vary from roof to roof. Speak with us and we can help you determine what method of cleaning is best and safest for your roof.

Composition Roof Cleaning

A sandpaper-like material and very common here in the Northwest. Most roofs are made using either Architectural shingles. Both can be safely pressure washed by us (barring age and condition). Washing is the only way to ensure complete removal of moss, mold, mildew, and debris. If pressure washing isn’t for you, we do offer cleans using an air compressor.

Shake Roof Cleaning

Less common as the years go by, this used to be the go-to roof style of new homes. Shake has since been replaced by composition, and we haven’t looked back. For those of you that do still have a shake roof and need it cleaned we offer a variety of methods that will hinge heavily on the age and condition of your roof.

Tile Roof Cleaning

A popular roofing material with a classic look. Tile roofs can be very fragile and need care and expertise to clean properly and safely. Fortunately, we have both of these qualities! A thorough clean with an air compressor followed by moss treatment will get your tile roof looking like new again.

Metal roof cleaning

Metal roofs are one of the least common in the area. However, we do get calls regularly requesting our services to clean these. The only metal roofs we can clean are what’s know as ‘standing seam’ metal roofing. Other common types (such as metal tile, or metal slate) are too fragile to walk on and unfortunately we do not clean these.

Annual Maintenance and MOss Prevention

After your roof has been thoroughly cleaned of all moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and other unsavory organic guests; it is important to remember to do annual maintenance. Fortunately, we send reminders every fall. If you roof is already clean (of moss and organics), an annual blow off, inspection, and treatment will be all you need.



The roof was very clean. They did an excellent job on cleaning up the debris from around the house (ground, sidewalks, and driveway). I was very pleased with the work performed.”

- M.S. Auburn, WA